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NFHS VOLLEYBALL JERSEY RULES (2021-22) RULE 4-2-1: ART. 1 . . . All uniforms shall adhere to the following: a. Uniform tops [with the exception of the libero (4-2-2)] shall be like-colored and unifor m bottoms shall be like-colored. b. Uniforms shall be worn as the manufacturer intended.

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4-1-4 (NEW): Allows the use of a molded protective face mask made of hard material during play. Rationale: Creates consistency with other NFHS rules codes. 7-1-1; 7-1-1 PENALTIES; 7-1-1 PENALTIES 2 (NEW); 9-9-1a (NEW); 10-3-7b: Eliminates the loss of rally/point penalty for failure to submit the team roster during the prematch conference and replaces the penalty with an unnecessary delay ...

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• When no longer playing as a libero, that player must wear the same uniform as his/her teammates. • The team will continue to play with no libero. www.nfhs.org. Reorganizes and clarifies the order of priority for an exceptional substitution for an injured/ill player aligning the languag\൥ with Rule 10-4-3b.


Rules Reminder COACHES CONDUCT ON INFLUENCING DECISIONS §NFHS Volleyball Rule 12, Section 2, Article 8C states that it is unsporting like conduct for a coach to attempt to “influence a decision by a referee”. Coaches that visually signal line calls will be subject to sanctions as outlined in NFHS Rule 12-2-8C. This does not

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For NFHS and NCAA rules only, the libero may be designated as the floor captain. In order to be immediately recognizable on the court, the libero wears a different jersey from the rest of the team. Their jersey must be contrasting in color with the other team members’ jerseys and must have a visible legal number on the front and back.


Official instructions for the Libero tracker can be found in the NFHS Volleyball Rules Book - the instructions below are intended to be a simplified set of instructions. At all IESA Volleyball regular season matches, the host school will be required to provide the libero tracker. Additionally, for those schools hosting a state

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NFHS High School Volleyball Rules Changes The playing of music or sound makers can only be used during pre-game, time-outs, between the games, and after the match. Artificial noise makers are prohibited.