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6 Yard Box Soccer What Is It And What Is Its Purpose

A six-yard box in soccer is an area in front of each goal on the soccer field, defined by two lines that start on the goal line six yards from the goalposts and extend six yards into the field of play from the goal line. This means that the six-yard box is a rectangle whose one side is six yards, while the longer side that is parallel to the goal line is 20 yards.

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The size of the goal area in soccer, also known as the 6-yard box, is 6 yards x 20 yards. The shorter lines of the rectangle extend 6 yards onto the soccer field from the goal line and connect to a 20-yard line that runs parallel to the goal line. The goal area is 18.3 meters wide and 5.5 meters deep.

What Is An 18-Yard Box In Soccer? Definition & Meaning ...

The 18-yard box is an area marked in front of each goal on a soccer field. The box marks the area within which a goalkeeper may touch the ball with their hands. When fouls that require a direct free kick occur inside the box, a penalty kick may be awarded and all players not involved in the shot must stand outside the box’s borders. When taking a goal kick, the ball is not in play until it is outside this box, which measures 18 yards deep by 44 yard wide. Examples of How 18-Yard Box Is ...

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This is the smaller box located directly in front of the goal on either end of a soccer field. The box’s purpose is to mark the area from which goal kicks may be taken. The name stems from the fact that the box measures 6 yards out from the goal line. The length of the box is 20 yards, which extends it a bit past each of the goal posts on either side.

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1 Answer1. The goal area - colloquially known as the six yard box - serves a number of purposes. Its primary purpose is to designate the location from which goal kicks are to be taken. On p. 51 of the 2015/16 FIFA Laws of The Game: A goal kick is a method of restarting play.

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The penalty area or 18-yard box is an area of an association football pitch. It is rectangular and extends 16.5m to each side of the goal and 16.5m in front of it. Within the penalty area is the penalty spot, which is 11m from the goal line, directly in-line with the centre of the goal. A penalty arc adjoins the penalty area, and encloses the area within 9.15m of the penalty spot. It does not form part of the penalty area and is only of relevance during the taking of a penalty kick, when any pla

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It runs the length of the goal line, extending 6 yards to either side of the goal posts, as measured from the inside edge of the posts. From this point, the area extends 6 yards onto the field -- which is why it's also known as the 6-yard box.

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Spread between 1 and 8 ‘feeder’ players around the edge of the 18-yard area, each with at least 2 soccer balls at their feet (if you only have one feeder, they should move around the 18-yard area varying their position for each play) Goalkeeper starts in the goal.

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The six yard box (or goal area) is also located inside the penalty box. This must be marked out at each end of the pitch if you’re to play an official match following the correct soccer field dimensions. Two lines are marked out at a right angle extending into the pitch and the lines are 5.5 metres distance from either side of each goalpost.