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How to Practice Tennis at Home ­čÄż­čĆí | Off the Court Tennis Drills

Tennis is on standstill with courts closed all over the globe. However, now that we have more time on our hands and are stuck at home we should continue to k...

10 Fun Tennis Drills You Can Practice Without A Court

Some require two people. But thereÔÇÖs no excuse for at least performing the solo drills at home in your spare time. The only drills that require two people are the volley-to-volley drill and the footwork game. You probably donÔÇÖt have a wall at home either, but that still leaves eight drills you can practice at home or outside any time you want.

Tennis at Home | Tips for Practicing Tennis at Home | USTA

Dr. Larry Lauer, mental skills specialist for USTA Player Development, dives into the best ways to stay confident and motivated while at home. Read More. Cardio: Jump rope. June 19, 2020. The jump rope is an essential tennis training tool. Use these drills to improve your quickness, timing and coordination. Read More.

12 Essential Tennis Drills For Beginners & Kids of All Ages

To start, have your player hold their racquet in their dominant hand face-up, like a frying pan, and have them place a tennis ball on the face, or strings of their racquet. Then, have them slowly start moving the head of the racquet up and down until the ball begins bouncing on their strings.

5 Ways To Improve Your Tennis At Home - Tennis Lesson

5 Ways To Improve Your Tennis At Home - Tennis Lesson.Many parts of the world are currently locked down due to the pandemic. Tennis clubs and gyms are shut i...

How To Practice Tennis Alone in 2020 : Drills, Pros and Cons

If you canÔÇÖt borrow one, try going to a tennis club that has one. 3. Wall or Backboard on your Garage. Another way you can practice tennis by yourself at home is to hit a ball against a wall or a backboard that you can install right in your garage. All you need is a tennis racquet, a tennis ball and a wall.

Tennis Challenges | At Home Tennis Drills ­čÄż­čĆí - YouTube

The whole tennis world is stuck at home and players are coming up with some fun tennis challenges. Leading the way is Roger Federer who with his forehand vol...

Tennis Footwork - 5 Drills To Improve Your Footwork and ...

Tennis Footwork - 5 Drills To Improve Your Footwork and Movement. Tennis is a game of movement and having good footwork will allow you to get into the right ...